Erebus Horror was established back in 2011 as a blog reviewing mainstream horror movies. This soon changed however after we started receiving requests from independent filmmakers to review their movies. It quickly became apparent that there are so many people out there trying to make a name for themselves, that reviewing mainstream horror movies seemed almost trivial. As a result Erebus Horror was truly born. With a newfound drive and aspiration we set out to create awareness of the best that independent horror has to offer. From movies to books and music to art we featured it all.

Before long Erebus Horror became a well-known name within the horror industry; interviewing up and coming actors, writers and artists, featuring the best and most current projects as well as providing exclusive insights into new movies and books. As our popularity continued to rise, so did the number of people we helped. Through our features and promotions we brought independent horror to the masses, helped launch the careers of many aspiring stars and increased the fan-base of numerous individuals to an international level. Erebus Horror became THE site for independent writers, artists and filmmakers.

However, one catastrophe led to another and as of March 29, 2013, Erebus Horror regrettably disbanded.

Yet all was not lost. The need to promote independent projects was stronger than ever as were the continuing messages of support. As a result, on March 29, 2016, Erebus Horror was reborn! The team has reunited and now we’re back and here to stay! Want us to review your work? Feature you on our site or just fancy a chat? Head on over to the Contact Us section and we’ll be happy to accommodate.