8 comments on “No One Makes It Out Alive – An End of the World Anthology

  1. Sounds interesting, I am also a big fan of anthologies… many of the writers I follow I first read in an antho… most of those names I’ve never heard of (although I am very familiar with Andrea Dean van Scoyoc’s work!) and I’ll be reading it and seeing if I can find other favorites…

    Armand Rosamilia

    • Glad you found the post interesting Armand.

      It’s great you are going to read this anthology (you won’t be sorry!)

      With books like this it is essential to create as much awareness as possible in order for the authors to benefit in any real way. I hope you like it enough to spread the word further.

  2. Thanks, for the review. We really do appreciate it.

    Most of these authors were unknown to me as well, prior to starting this project, with the exception of Andrea Dean van Scoyoc. I met Andrea years go when I reviewed one of her books, oddly enough.

    • No problem Hydra, I was happy to do it!

      I think it’s good to create awareness of unknown authors, particularly when their work is of such good quality.

      Hope everyone gets the publicity they deserve.

  3. Fabulous review and it’s greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the plug too, Armand. 😉

    I will be sharing this website via my blog, all my online hang outs and might even mention it in my magazine, Twisted Dreams.

    Thanks again!

    • No problem at all Andrea.

      We’re happy to help anyone involved in horror.

      Thanks for sharing our website. The more people who learn about our cause the better.

      If you have any future works you would like featured just let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige!

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