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  1. I agree. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I write horror because of what the genre has become. Horror isn’t really horror anymore. Sexy vampires and remakes of classics have ruined it.

    I write what I’d like to read. What the genre is unfortunately moving away from. One day I hope it’ll change back.

    I get the feeling we’re leading a suicide charge, you and I.

  2. If it’s a suicide charge then a lot of people are going to die. Erebus’ cause is great and I know many that will back him including myself. Horror nowadays has changed drastically. There are still elements that manage to get through the net but as you say Martin; with all the remakes and glam that is being injected into the genre it is almost unrecognisable.

    Hope you return to us soon Erebus! Although with the amount of so called ‘horror’ shite that keeps getting spewed up, I doubt your recovery will be made any easier.

  3. Couldn’t have put it better myself Lycanthrope with any luck Erebus will return soon to lead the fight for change.

    Martin, if you have any excerpts of your book or have any links etc let me know and I’ll add a post

  4. After seeing your comment on my blog, I figured I would check yours out. I have only browsed around a little bit, but I love it! I just followed and look forward to reading everything!
    I am a HUGE fan of the horror genre… and it can be difficult to find many others who appreciate it as much as I do, so this is awesome!

  5. Just found your page from a Like on my blog, and I’d like to thank you for it. I too am tired of the modern version of “horror,” going to movies I think are going to push the envelope but walking away disappointed, reading books about humans falling in love with vampires, you know the feeling. The fight you lead is noble.

    I’m currently working on a sort of response to the Twilight phenomenon, a novel called Wicked Grin. For comparison, think Johnny Gruesome meets Lost Boys. It’s about vampires who embrace being monsters and live their eternal lives to the fullest. Sex, blood, and rock n’ roll!

    • Glad you appreciate our work Kara! It’s always great to meet someone who supports our cause.

      In regards to your work in progress, it sounds brilliant – exactly what the world needs to recover from this Twilight farce! Once you’re published we’ll get it featured on our site and try and generate as much publicity as we can (although by the sound of it you’ve got a potential bestseller on your hands!)

      If you need any help before then (sample feedback or anything like that) we’ll be more than happy to help.

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