Are you sick of today’s offerings of ‘horror’? Do you think Twilight was the worst thing to come about since Maggie Thatcher was conceived? You’re in the right place. Now is the time for change! Now is when we bring back true horror to the screens and pages worldwide. Now is the time to join us. Welcome to the fight!

If you appreciate our work and want to assist in our cause why not make a contribution? Please state what it is you want us to put your donation towards and it’ll certainly go there. Whether it’s to support a new project, fund advertising for our horror campaign or even just to buy us a beer (Here’s hoping right?)

All donations are greatly received and as the old proverb goes: “You never forget he who donates to your cause” (Okay I just made that up – but it still applies)

Look deep into your hearts, and deeper into your wallets and if you have a few pennies, dimes or dollars to spare then why not contribute to a great cause

Thank you for your continued support my Horror Brethren!

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  1. writerwendyreid Says:

    I’m giving you the Liebster Award. Go here for details. :)

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